Unwind, de-stress and reconnect the mind & body

A life of always being 'on the go', juggling work, chores and never-ending to-do lists, has become the norm these days, but the impact this has on our health can be detrimental.


With modern technology keeping us connected 24/7, we are programmed to be 'ON' from the moment we wake up, which leaves little time to actually switch off, unwind and slow down. 

Our vision for Restorative Retreats is to help you do just that; switch off, unwind and slow down. Through our weekend retreats and day workshops we will be sharing with you ways to improve your sleep, the importance of good nutrition, how to move your body in a more gentle way and to learn how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your day-to-day lives.

Our events include the most incredible form of exercise we believe everyone should do - Pilates! It Is low impact, amazing for strengthening your core, helps prevent lower back pain and most importantly is kind to your mind & body. 
Having both experienced burnout at different times in our personal and professional lives, we are really passionate to share our tips on how to de-stress and prevent burnout.
Let us help you to be your healthiest and happiest version of yourself!
Yasmine & Christie xx
"Empowering you to lead a more balanced, joyful & fulfilling life"
Yasmine & Christie

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